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ZEALE is a hip hop lyricist that cleverly crafts provocative storytelling over beds of heavy beats. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas where the common language of rock, jazz and blues shaped his sound.  


ZEALE is currently part of two music projects garnering attention from major publications including Rolling Stone, Variety, Austin Chronicle and more.


Blackillac, with production led by Gary Clark Jr., features ZEALE and Phranchyze trading quick bars over thick beats and hooks sang by Gary Clark Jr..  Blackillac debuted in LA and Austin last February and is now planning dates across the country.


Blastfamous USA takes a heavier approach.  With music led by power production duo NGHT HCKLRS, ZEALE engages a bullet-riddled delivery detailing the new America.  BUSA's final product results in heavy hip-hop and room-rattling production that electrifies audiences and crumbles walls.


Last year ZEALE played a number of major music festivals including Lollapalooza, ACL Festival, Firefly Music Festival, and Hangout Fest as a featured guest with RCA Record's MISSIO.